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We specialize in cutting-edge machine learning and embedded technology solutions. Our expertise spans computer vision for precise object detection and image classification, advanced audio classification for dynamic sound analysis, and sophisticated data trend detection to empower businesses with predictive insights.

In the realm of embedded systems, we excel in developing and deploying firmware for microcontrollers and Linux-based systems, including efficient integration of ML models with TPUs for enhanced computational capabilities.

Our robust prototyping services, equipped with the latest in 3D printing and PCB design, enable rapid transformation of innovative ideas into functional prototypes ready for testing and mass production. Whether optimizing existing systems or crafting novel solutions, we deliver precision, efficiency, and scalability to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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Our Clients

BWS Systems has created machine learning computer vision solutions for image classification, object detection on video and static image object detection for the Park Assist systems. BWS Systems delivered fantastically, providing a sound robust solution that was well-architected and well-delivered.

BWS Systems seamlessly integrated the programming of multiple sensors comprised of FFT signal identification, background magnetic detection and audio processing with multiple operational settings and detection modes, data acquisition and a fully functional low power sleep mode into our devices. All of which is simultaneously monitored on an Android App, developed by BWS Systems, remotely via Bluetooth LE. BWS Systems thorough understanding of electronics and depth of programming knowledge enabled them to provide multiple options and solutions to challenges as they arose and always exceeded our expectations.


Bradley Samuels

Managing Partner & Chief Engineer

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